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Bone Meal (2 kg sealed bag) R26.95 each

Sealed plastic bag containing 2kg of product.
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Bone Meal (5 kg sealed bag) R61.95 each

Sealed plastic bag containing 5kg of product.


BONE MEAL; a powdered fertilizer made from the steamed, ground bones and abattoir waste products of animals; this organic fertilizer contains all three main nutrients essential to healthy plant growth and development; these are nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P) and potassium (K) in the approximate ratios of 2:5:1; the ratio varies between suppliers, but generally contains phosphorous in the highest amount which is essential for root development and health; the product is most often applied for the high phosphorous content and is an important addition to all new planting holes for trees and shrubs and when preparing new beds; the application rate is normally 100 grams per planting hole or 60 grams per square meter; other applications include as a general fertilizer for existing lawns, flower beds and fruit trees at the rate of 60 grams per square meter surface area; calcium also occurs in beneficial quantities in this product; take note that soils with a pH value of 7.0 or higher deactivate the availability of phosphorous to the plant and that pH values higher than 7.0 deactivate the availability of many other nutrients; bone meal is classified as a slow release fertilizer releasing its nutrients over a period of months; please take note that certain plants like proteas and many of those that have developed to tolerate nutrient poor soils are poisoned by phosphorous and should never have it added when planting them; application rates are indicated by the supplier and are particular to each brand of bone meal depending on its chemical composition; excess application does not benefit the plant in any way and can actually cause harm.

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Garden Food Information

Category: Fertiliser

  • Organic
  • Best Suited For: Roots, Shoots & Flowers (P)
  • Plant Category: Trees, Bougainvilleas, Conifers, Orchids, Palms, Roses, Shrubs
  • Product Category: Fertiliser

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