Golden Dwarf Sweet Flag

Acorus gramineus 'Ogon'

Size: Small Water Needs: Lots


GOLDEN DWARF SWEET FLAG, JAPANESE RUSH, GRASSY-LEAVED SWEET FLAG; evergreen, exotic, ornamental grass up to 300mm tall; good as a groundcover with a spread of 450mm and originating from Japan; well adapted to cooler conditions and can be planted in sunny locations through semi-shade to shady locations; needs a constant water supply and as an aquatic perennial can be planted in shallow water and along water feature margins; a full sun location is required when the plant is submerged; can be used as an indoor plant on a sunny window sill; suitable for formal and oriental gardens; attractive, ornamental foliage, which has a golden hue, is at it's best in summer.

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Plant Information

Category: Perennials, Water Garden Plants

  • Sun Requirements: All
  • Main Plant Colour: Variegated
  • Planting Season: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring
  • Purpose: Colour in the Garden, Evergreen Plants, Golden or Yellow Foliage, Swimming Pool Areas, Landscaping for Damp or Marshy Areas
  • Theme: Landscaping a Formal Garden, Landscaping a Water Garden


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