Santa Barbara Daisy

Erigeron karvinskianus

Water Needs: Medium Sun Requirements: Sun Size: Small


SANTA BARBARA DAISY, THE MEXICAN, FLEABANE, LATIN AMERICAN FLEABANE, AUSTRALIAN DAISY, AUSTRALIAN FLEABANE; exotic perennial reaching 200mm in height and spreading to 500mm; this native of Mexico is sun loving and grows well in Mediterranean type climates; the plant bears daisy like flowers of varying colour during summer; colours include white and yellow, fading to red and purple; makes an excellent groundcover for a sunny spot and is often incorporated in areas where a meadow effect is required; good candidate for hanging baskets, retaining slopes/walls and larger outdoor containers; tolerates seaside conditions; older flowers can be removed to extend the flowering time and the plant needs to be pruned back substantially during winter; responds well when provided with a deep, rich and well drained soil; the plant has average water needs; has become a common sight along the Table mountain chain and can become invasive.

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Flower Information

Category: Bedding Plants, Ground Covers, Perennials

  • Main Flower Colour: Mix
  • Purpose: Landscaping to Attract Butterflies, Colour in the Garden, Evergreen Plants, Outdoor Pots, Landscaping for Seaside Conditions
  • Theme: Hanging Basket, Landscaping a Western Cape (Mediterranean) Garden, Landscaping a Moorish Garden, Landscaping a Seaside Garden
  • Main Plant Colour: Green
  • Planting Season: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring
  • Flowering Season: Summer


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