Wild Peach

Kiggelaria africana

Indigenous Spread: Medium Water Needs: Medium


WILD PEACH, BUSH WILLOW, PORKWOOD, SPOKEWOOD, WILDEPERSKE, SPEKHOUT, VADERLANDSROOIHOUT, UMKOKOKO (X), UMUNWE (Z); indigenous, evergreen tree up to 6m with a 6m spread; very frost-hardy and is often the first indigenous tree to appear when open areas created by mining and forestry are reclaimed by nature; very variable depending on where it is growing with large variations in leaf size, leaf colour and size of tree; leaves are ornamental with the upper surface being a leathery, glossy, dark green and the underside having a rough-textured and very pale green appearance; plant in full sun and provide with a regular water supply; has medicinal properties used by South Sothos; is often multi-stemmed from the ground up so ensure that you prune it into a single stemmed tree; is the preferred food of caterpillar from the Acraea genus and can suffer severe loss of foliage as a result.

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Tree Information

  • Evergreen
  • Growth Rate: Fast
  • Purpose: Landscaping to Attract Butterflies, Evergreen Plants, Landscaping for Dry Conditions
  • Theme: African Garden, Landscaping an Indigenous Garden, Landscaping a Moorish Garden


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